Why should I join the Cornell Real Estate Club (CREC)?

CREC provides an educational platform wherein our members get to learn from industry professionals.  Our club hosts networking opportunities, treks, and educational seminars every semester.  Many members join our club as a means to branch out and learn about an unfamiliar industry, inspiring them to pursue careers in the Real Estate industry.  

How do I join?

There is no application process and students can join at any time.  Please sign up on Cornell Orgsync to become a registered CREC member and receive our weekly announcements.  Feel free to contact any EBoard members if you are still unsure about how to sign up.  

What do you do on these treks?

CREC offers treks to different major cities around the globe, including New York City and London.  We visit company headquarters, host networking sessions with Cornell alumni, and visit construction sites.  We credit CREC alumni on making our treks a memorable experience for our members.  

What kinds of networking opportunities are there? 

We host networking opportunities with prominent real estate industry professionals and CREC alumni.  Many of the real estate professionals that come for the Baker Real Estate Finance networking sessions also come for our panels.  

How do I get involved?

Our members can attend our General Body meetings, networking panels, and guest speaker series we host throughout the semester.  We also encourage members to apply for the Executive Board at the beginning of each semester.  


More questions?
Email us at crec@cornell.edu or use our contact form.

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