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Event with Ithaca High School

CREC is excited to work with Ithaca High School’s students. As a club, CREC’s members have a deep-rooted passion for the industry. Since many of us did not have exposure to the real estate world and the multitude of career paths prior to Cornell, we would love to share the valuable insight we have learned in the commercial real estate world with the IHS students. Our goal would be to discuss commercial real estate as a potential career as well as other exciting opportunities and industry events.

Some key topics we would like to cover with the students are as follows:

  • Real estate information available at their disposal

    • Online resources

    • Subscriptions to real estate news services

    • Interesting real estate classes

  • The importance of a basic real estate understanding and its value regardless of career choice

  • Our personal development from high school students to Cornell to the professional world

  • Career opportunities in real estate

We are excited about the opportunity to engage in an information session with the IHS students about commercial real estate. We are looking forward to speaking to the students.